Filey Rules

Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations apply to all entries. They have been created for your safety and the safety of others around you, based on best practice, common sense and professional experience. They enable us to run the event effectively for the maximum benefit of all – please ensure you read them carefully and comply with the details. They will be enforced! Thank you.

The course is approximately 350 metres long. The event runs as a ‘Knockout’ competition over a series of heats with two runs per team competing. After that the top ten fastest Soapboxes will go into a final. Soapboxes will set off at intervals, electronically timed. Safety barriers and hay bales will be in place all along the racecourse to ensure everyone’s safety.

1. General Conditions

1.1 Five persons per team are required, all of whom must be 16 years old or over with one team member (the driver of the soapbox) being 21 years old or over.

1.2 Applications can be made using the entry form and online payment facility found here. You are advised to submit your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

1.3 Once application capacity is reached the entry form will be removed from the website. 

1.4 The maximum number of team entries is 50.

1.5 The fees for entry are as follows: The entrants’ fee is £200 per team inclusive of VAT. If you are entering a team through a business, we can provide a VAT invoice for £166.67 plus VAT to VAT registered businesses on request.  If you are a group of 5 individuals or represent an Emergency Service, a BID levy payer or a charity, the entry fee is £100 inclusive of VAT.

1.6 It is hoped that each team will raise as much for charity as possible. An online giving account must be created by each team irrespective of the charity they are raising money for.

1.7 Brightly coloured and themed Soapboxes are actively encouraged.

1.8 Every team must accept these Rules and Regulations in full.

1.9 Teams may be asked to provide pictures of their Soapboxes in advance for the scrutineer’s consideration and for publicity purposes.

1.10 Teams must submit pictures of their cart for scrutineering so their carts can be checked for adherence to these rules and road-worthiness.

1.11 Your pictures should be submitted to our scrutineer: least a week in advance of the event.

1.12 In addition, your team will be emailed a copy of the disclaimer that all team members will be required to sign and hand back on the race day. It is imperative that you read this prior to the race day.

1.13 Teams will be issued with wristbands and cart numbers on receipt of their signed disclaimer form on the day. Only people with wristbands will be allowed access to the pit lane. Entrants will be allowed up to 5 extra wristbands for friends and family.

1.14 Your team will also be provided with details of the day itself by email in advance of the event, with guidance on what time to arrive, access, what you need to bring etc.

1.15 On the race day we would advise you to bring a simple gazebo tent measuring approximately 2.7m x 2.7m for use in your designated pit area. They are available for online purchase from around £20.00.

1.16 At the Scrutineering Event you will also be asked to provide the following:

– confirmation of the charity you will be raising money for along with evidence of your fundraising;

– confirmation of your final team members;

– the music you wish to be played prior to your run (if required).

1.17 Any contravention of the Rules and Regulations may lead to disqualification or penalties.

1.18 The Organisers reserve the right to refuse participation to any team at their discretion which will be final.

1.19 Registration will commence at 07.30 am on the day of the event, followed by an inspection of the Soapboxes by the Scrutineer. 

1.20 Soapboxes and drivers may also be scrutineered in the pits, and prior to each run and at any other time, before being allowed to participate. If your Soapbox does not comply with the safety requirements or specifications at any time of the day you will be disqualified.

1.21 The start of the race will be from the top of Ravine Road. To provide momentum a maximum of two team members can act as pushers at the top of the hill. The Soapbox can then be met by two further pushers further down the course, who are allowed to push the cart as far as the specified point.

1.22 After crossing the finishing line drivers will need to enter the run off area and apply their brakes and quickly depart from the track under the Marshals’ instructions. All the team members will be expected to meet their driver(s) at the finishing line to assist with returning their Soapbox to the pits. Marshals will direct you to the route for cart recovery back to the pits.

1.23 The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any or all participants that demonstrate inappropriate and or unsafe conduct.

1.24 This is a public event and all participants agree for their photographs to be taken and used in the media.

2. Technical, Design and Structural Regulations

2.1 Maximum length 250cm measured from front to rear of the Soapbox.

2.2 Maximum width 160cm measured from outside to outside.

2.3 The maximum weight of the soapbox is 100kg (cart only, not including driver). Soapboxes will be weighed at both the scrutineering event and prior to each race. Any soapboxes weighing more than 100kg will not be allowed to participate in the race. Please note that this is a safety requirement.

2.4 No protuberances outside these dimensions will be allowed.

2.5 There must be three or four wheels, fitted with pneumatic tyres; all wheels should be in road contact during normal running. Ground clearance should be sufficient to clear the top and bottom of the starting grid – 10cm minimum is recommended.

2.6 Good brakes mechanisms are essential (Disc Brakes are recommended) and will be checked. Braking must operate on at least two wheels on the same axle and be effective to hold stationary on the starting line. Friction brakes are allowed as long as they are in contact with tyres but CANNOT be acting with the road surface in any way.

2.7 Seats must be securely bolted to the Soapbox.

2.8 Soapboxes must be designed to carry one or two persons only, in a feet first direction.

2.9 Any steering column, brake lever or other protrusion must be designed and fitted such that the risk of puncture injuries is minimised. A padded steering wheel is recommended.

2.10 Bodywork and controls must not impede the drivers in exiting the vehicle unaided.

2.11 Any doors or hatches required for driver access must be readily operated from both inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.

2.12 Soapboxes must work using propulsion only – i.e. no motors, no pedals and no stored potential energy.

2.13 No loose weights will be allowed inside or outside the Soapbox.

2.14 Seatbelts are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended.

2.15 Steering must not have excessive free play or any characteristic tending to promote instability.

3. Safety Regulations

3.1 The purpose of the event is to have fun, but the safety of the team, supporters and spectators is paramount throughout the day, and accordingly, the organisers reserve the right to amend these rules or go above and beyond their guidance. Please note that competitors are not covered by the organiser’s event insurance. Every effort has been made to make the competition safe but it should be recognised that the competition is physically challenging for participants. Competitors are encouraged to seek their own event insurance. provides such insurance and lists ’Soap box racing’ as an organised activity with closed roads they will cover at a cost of around £10 per person per day. However, the organisers of this event have no affiliation with this web site or company and take no responsibility in any dealings that competitors may have with this company or any other similar company.

3.2 All members of the team, by submitting an entry form, are deemed to agree with these Rules and Regulations.

3.3 All Soapboxes must be constructed with pedestrian-friendly sympathies. Sharp edges will not be permitted nor any protuberance, extension or accessories e.g. lights, speakers or screens must be integral to the bodywork and affixed in a permanent manner.

3.4 No glass or other materials that would shatter or cause injuries to drivers and spectators in the event of a crash should be used in the construction of the Soapbox.

3.5 Only two of the five team members can be drivers. The names of the drivers need to be declared on completion of the disclaimer prior to the race.

3.6 All drivers must wear a cycle helmet and goggles or safety glasses as a minimum requirement. However, an approved crash helmet to BS 6658 (motor cycle helmet) or higher is strongly recommended, and appropriate gloves. Clothing must be capable of withstanding a spill on tarmac or concrete therefore long sleeves and long trousers are compulsory and knee and elbow pads are optional but recommended. No bare limbs will be allowed.

3.7 Registration takes place from 0730 am on the day of the race. All team members must present themselves when registering and registration must be complete by 0845 am. All team members will be required to sign a disclaimer and will be presented with a wristband. Only people with wristbands will be allowed on the course and in the pit lane.

3.8 All drivers must attend the Drivers’ Briefing at 0900 am at the registration point.

3.9 All drivers must thereafter walk the course with the race steward and satisfy themselves that they and their carts are suitable for the course.

3.10 The scrutineer’s decision is final. Scrutineers will have full access to the Soapbox and component parts as required to carry out their duties throughout the day.

3.11 Teams are responsible for the on-going assessments on their Soapbox during the event and are obliged to report any change in risk to the scrutineers.

3.12 No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. This publication is in no way a guarantee against injury to team members, supporters or spectators.