Speeding Towards your City or Town now...
The Super Soapbox Challenge

A great day out for all the family

It's time to race using nothing but gravity, courage and a bit of lunacy!

Electrify your city or town centre with The Super Soapbox Challenge, an experience that the huge audience these events attract, will never forget.

Through independent research findings, we’ve established that this event works on every level. The figures speak for themselves, and spectacular year-on-year growth confirms the event really does engender loyalty.

The Super Soapbox Challenge is one event that your city or town should not miss – and we’re ready to unleash it! Contact us now for detailed analysis or to arrange a presentation.

This unique event will energise your city or town centre by attracting record numbers of visitors from far and wide. The Super Soapbox Challenge is a proven event that will make a lasting impression – over 20 million of them in fact!

This unrivalled experience will provide your city with a great family day out while benefiting from a huge local spend on the day. The Super Soapbox Challenge will also generate substantial charity donations and create an incredible feel-good factor for your location.

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So come on… LET’S SOAPBOX!